E-commerce multi-vendor store like Amazon or Flipkart  


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13/05/2018 11:03 am  

I want to build an e-commerce multi-vendor store, something like Amazon or Flipkart. which one is the best solution.could any one please recommend or explain.

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13/05/2018 11:10 am  

Before investing many hours, money, and resources to build something, I would recommend that you take two more steps before (if you have not already done so):

Verify your business idea
Create a viable, minimal product using a platform-based approach

Let me explain:

Did you verify your business idea?
I really recommend this. It would be a shame to find out after the start that something is wrong with your idea. There are ways to do it; the full article is reviewed in more detail. Summarize the main points:

Provide all your main assumptions
Who is your target audience? How do you find these people? Etc.
Find potential users and interviews with them
Is it a big problem for them that they would be willing to pay for someone to solve it?
Student study data
Very often, the key assumption for verification is market size and distribution channels.

Create an MVP using a platform.
Now that you've re-evaluated your basic idea, it's time to do it in practice. Using a platform-based approach allows you to really focus on business and idea testing instead of wasting too much time for operational and technical configuration. The platform will be more than ready for you, some retouching apart. Some things to consider when deciding on the platform:

Does the software platform provider provide hosting, server monitoring, automatic software updates, backup copies, bureaucracy and technical support?
Often it is a surprise, especially for people without technical skills, which is a big obstacle that is really big. Many people think that you just install a piece of code on your server as something unique, and that's it. This is not the way it works. To run stuff on your server, you really have to have a technical person in your team because something is always needed.
Is the software you want to use with open source?
This is quite important If you are using proprietary software (not an open source), you are blocked to the services of the market provider. If you later want to hire a team of developers and create new features, it may not be possible. With an open source, you can always move to your own server and continue to develop it
The best, of course, depends on your budget. In general, a large payment deposit is a bad sign. You want the software provider to invest in your success, which means it should be relatively cost effective to start, but you will pay more if you succeed


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